Delusional Road Show

mermaidparadeball (1)Never seems to be a dull moment with the “revitalized” Delusionaires. Next stop is Coney Island, NY where we will be performing a set at the Mermaid Parade Ball at MCU Park on Saturday, June 21st. The parade will start at 1pm, the ball will start at 6pm. Hope we survive to tell you about it.


Dels in a box

We follow that spectacular spectacle with a hometown throw down at our favorite watering hole, Will’s Pub on Saturday, July 12, where we’ll be joined by (hold onto your pantaloons) Little Sheba and the Shamans and Tiger! Tiger! Woah, now that’s something to come home to.

Summer got a whole lot hotter!

Pre-Summer Activities

150666943_2e4520d561_zMay always brings about some very exceptional moments. As is the case almost every year, it is the month when creative music fans congregate to a smallish town in Quebec known as Victoriaville and witness one of the greatest music festivals in North America; FIMAV (Festival Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville). This year, some of the highlights will be Meredith Monk, Marshall Allen with The Ratchet Orchestra, a quartet of Richard Pinhas, Keiji Haino, Merzbow, and Tatsuta Yoshida, a duo of Fred Frith and Evan Parker, Ken Vandermark’s Audio One Ensemble, Evan Parker Septet, Maja Ratke, and Fred Frith’s Gravity Band!!! Yeah, I’ll have a good time.

Almost immediately after I return from Victo there are two shows of note, both in the northeastern parts of Florida.

1618422_10202274884045970_413164101_n Friday, May 23rd, as part of the Truth Is Marching In: an Albert Ayler Commemoration, itself a part of the Jacksonville Jazz Fest After Dark series, I’ll be presenting an interpretation of the Ayler composition Bells performed by the quartet version of Gatto Pazzo (myself on saxophones, Kris Gruda on guitar and devices, Evan Shafran on percussion and trumpet, and A.J. Herring on trombone). I’ve always felt that Bells was a composition based upon feel. With the extended range of Gatto Pazzo and adding A.J. in the mix, I felt we could really do it justice. It will be part of a three night commemoration at the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum beginning at 10pm each night. Also performing over the course of the three nights: Jamison Williams, Dan Kozak, Lenni Bukowski, Michael Lenier, Bill Henderson and Jason Dean Arnold.

BuffaloSpeaking of Gatto Pazzo, we have a new CD and digital download out called The Buffalo (in 42 parts). It can be listened to as it was performed, as a one take improvisation, or you can set your CD player to shuffle and create your own bison folklore. We suggest the latter listening experience. Get it at the show or buy it (or download it or just listen to it) here.

1014354_462037530593437_4069260919512672088_nThe following night, Saturday, May 24th, in the confines of Saint Augustine’s merriment known as Nobby’s, The Delusionaires will once again take the stage; this time sharing the stage with a dream team of acts: The Harmonious Fists (!), The Wildtones (!) and D.J. Dots(!!). This will be one for the ages…


This show will be the release party for our new 45 rpm called The Scump, out on Hidden Volume Records, with cover art by Stainboy! Of course it would have to be on lovely pink vinyl. Get it at the show or through Hidden Volume. Limited to 300 copies, it won’t last long.

Spring Forward

A quick note on a pair of shows coming up in the next week:

Dels in a boxThe Delusionaires make a (seemingly) triumphant return to one of our favorite stomps from the good ol’ days, The Emerald Bar in St. Petersburg. It’s been many a year since we’ve walked through that beer-stained doorway and can’t wait to swill our fill alongside St. Pete’s finest. Don’t know if anyone we knew then still works there, but I’m sure whoever is serving will do The Emerald proud. We’ll be there Saturday, March 8 along with The Intoxicators and Crippled Masters. It’ll be epic, if not downright terrifying.

Milton_bradley_portraitThe next afternoon, Sunday, March 9 at 2pm, has me still in St. Pete, this time at the main library for New Music on a Sunday Afternoon, presented by The New Music Conflagration, Inc. This will be the final performance of Milton Bradley, a game piece I created for the 2012 CageFest in Jacksonville. Although this is the fifth or sixth performance of the piece, it is the first time I will present it on Florida’s west coast. Joining me in the quartet will be Kris Gruda on guitar, electronics and voice, A.J. Herring on trombone, guitar and alto saxophone, and Elizabeth A. Baker on piano, theremin, and an as yet unnamed third instrument. You can read more about the game piece here.

Hope to see all of you on the dreamy shores (or side streets) of St. Pete.

2014 Off and Running

A slew of upcoming shows to begin the year:

January 10 and 11: Midnight Exterminations: A tribute to William S. Burroughs. Here’s the full event disclosure:

1461572_10202380018879145_740552842_nA tribute reading of William S. Burroughs accompanied by segments of avante garde musical arrangements. This productions orations will be performed by: Megan Faubel, Patrick Greene and Christian Kelty. All musical composition is written by Dana Fasano , Jim Ivy, Kris Gruda and Todd Elliott. Please come and enjoy this event with us and celebrate what would have been Mr.Burroughs 100th birthday upcoming on Feburary 5. 2014…. 12a.m. Janurary 10th and 11th… $ 5 cover @ The Venue.

January 31: The Delusionaires with D.J. Dots at Nobby’s St. Augustine. Our favorite vinyl spinner joins us for an over-the-top party.

Fun_house_reissueAn as of yet unannounced special performance of the entire Funhouse recording by The Stooges in February. More details to come.

And more shows in March including the final performance of the game piece, Milton Bradley and another surprise appearance by The Delusionaires.

Also slated is a Gatto Pazzo release and my TrIP Project contribution, Discarded Angel, full release. More detail to come.

One More Thing…

artworks-000051930147-h1tiuo-originalOne final show before the end of the year: T/SMS (Tom Smith of To Live and Shave In LA fame) will be performing at Uncle Lou’s on Saturday, December 21, along with The Rot Guts, Jamison Williams and Hell Garbage.

85756141_295In an opening slot I will be joined by Dr. Moonstien for Duo CHANG, accompanying a short film collage of mine. I’ll also be performing Act One of The Fortune as part of our duo. Gonna be a very awesome show to end the year.

Where is that bottle…?

hqdefaultAs another year comes to a close, I want to thank everyone for their support in my humble endeavors. Health has been a deterrent to the number of shows I’ve performed this year. Lung issues will definitely curtail a wind instrument player. That’s not to say I don’t want to play your show, so please ask. It’s been a little bit of a tough year, but it’s closing on a very busy November. So, let’s run it down.

I’ll be performing my first solo piece in a very long time on Saturday, November 9th, part of Hal McGee’s Apartment Music series, this one numbered 21. Great performers at this show and I can’t wait to watch them.

DelsOnce again, the word has been out for a while now, The Delusionaires crawl out of the woodwork for a series of shows: Friday, November 15th at Will’s Pub in Orlando, FL (with Shannon and The Clams!!), November 16th at a private wedding in Saint Augustine, and Saturday November 23rd at 529 in Atlanta, GA (with The Stents!!!!).

Gatto Pazzo is finalizing the mixes for their upcoming release, The Buffalo, out just after the beginning of the year.

thefortuneFor those of you who enjoyed my CD with writer John Ajac called The Fortune, on Ilse Records, we are working on a new composition/story. Stay tuned. It’s always interesting when we get together.

Hope to see you before the end of the year. As always, my CDs and music downloads are available from Bipediment Recordings here. Gatto Pazzo CDs and downloads are available here. Or grab one from me when you see me.

A Party In Saint Petersburg

venture compoundSo it is now set: Black Beast of CHANG will have it’s CD release show at The Venture Compound in St. Petersburg, Florida on October 12. Also on the bill will be Oblongata, Leveret, Lovebrrd, Rest in Satin Silence. Show starts at 9pm, $5 cover.

kronos-cover-smallThe CD, titled Kronos, is loosely based upon the ancient Greek myth of the Titan King and his downfall. In actuality, the recording is a live in studio improvisation and contains no overdubs or edits. The four “acts” were created as they are heard and in that order. I split the pieces into smaller “bite-sized” bits for digestion. It just happened to fit the story incredibly well. Besides, who could resist basing a work upon a story that contains castration, war, humiliation, and the eating of one’s children.

DelsIn other news, The Delusionaires once again kick off the dust of neglect and set sail on another round of boozy shows, this time in Orlando, at Will’s Pub on Friday, November 15 with Shannon and the Clams, and in Atlanta on Saturday, November 23 with The Stents! I believe there be a wedding sometime in between somewhere…

Gatto Pazzo has awoken from their hibernation and has recorded another hours worth of gold. I love that band!

And finally: NEW BAND ALERT: A new line up has emerged with a new sound that’s developing quite well. No details to you yet, but I’ll keep you informed. Let’s just say the rehearsals are banging!