Awaiting “The Fortune”

Down to final mixes for the upcoming ILSE release entitled “The Fortune”, a collaboration with author John Ajac. Packaging artwork is completed and should be off to the printer soon.

I had been kicking around ideas for working with spoken text for about a year. Initially, I was creating a large-scale improvisational composition based on and using text by the Japanese author Akiko Yosano and her epic collection of tanka called “Midaregami” (Tangled Hair). At around the same time I was formulating a concept for a multi-media performance using various short stories and thrift store purchased color slide photos that would, more or less, coincide with the story premise. Also, around the same time, a good friend of mine, Patrick Greene, became the booking manager for a performance space in Orlando named Urban ReThink. Although Urban ReThink presents a wide variety of arts, its main focus is on literary events. Yet another event occurred at about the same time, I was reacquainted¬†with an old friend of mine, John Ajac, who is an author of high quality, yet was relatively unknown. Too many coincidences for it not to be destined.

As both the large-scale composition and the multi-media performance were in the conceptual stage, I decided a new direction was preferred and discussed the idea of both projects with John to use his works.

And then the final piece fell into place: ILSE Music. Travis Johnson, an outstanding improvisor and the owner of the ILSE label, asked if I would like to release something on his label. By the way, check out the releases. It’s quite an honor to be on the ILSE label.

“The Fortune” is based upon the short story written by John Ajac. From the beginning I decided I wanted John to read the text. His delivery is perfect. The arrangement and musical accompaniment is unlike anything I’ve done previously.

“The Fortune” will be available soon. Know this for a fact: I will make sure you all know when it is released.