The Fortune Hits The Road

With exactly two weeks before I hit the road with a pair of Florida electronic musicians to perform live versions of The Fortune, there is far too much to do. Using graphic scores and hand signals, the live version of the improvised music/spoken work collaboration between myself and writer John Ajac will be stretched into many different forms. Although John will not be able to make the mini-tour, his voice will be there.

Traveling with Lucy Bonk (homemade electronics, percussion), Keaton Orsborn (electronics, manipulated field recordings) and Jadi Lane (projection, documentation) will definitely be an adventure. We perform at Columbia, South Carolina’s Conundrum on Thursday, February 23. This will be the premier performance and since we have not performed together previously, it will be a new experience for all of us.

With just enough time to make it up the east coast, weather permitting, Saturday, February 25 will find us at The Stone in the East Village of Manhattan performing the 10pm slot. There, we will be adding percussionist Mario Schambon to the ensemble.

Thanks go out to Al Margolis for the invitation to participate in the Pogus curated events at The Stone, and to Tom Law for giving us the opportunity to perform at Conundrum.

As far as other things going on: Crater Tater will be performing at the Copper Rocket next weekend, The Delusionaires one-time only reunion on March 2nd, Laboratory Music #5 March 3rd in Gainesville, and I am in the process of working out the details for my chance operation performance at CageFest, a weeklong event in Jacksonville celebrating the 100th birthday of John Cage, in late March. I am hoping to present a wind and brass quartet. Stay tuned.

Now, back to work before I get too far behind…