Happy Birthday Mr. Cage

john_cage-photo_steven_speliotisSeptember 5, 2013 marks what would have been the 101st birthday of John Cage.¬†Happy birthday! To celebrate, The Gallery at Avalon Island and Accidental Music Festival have put together quite an afternoon/evening. The event is called Silence 101 and it features Voci Dance, the UCF Collide Ensemble, Rick Jones performing Cage’s “Lecture on Nothing”, and my chance operation game piece “Milton Bradley”. Start time is precisely at 4:33pm, September 5th. You can find out more about the event here.


Black Beast of ARRRGHHH meets CHANG… again

Two years after our only live duo performance and numerous conversations about the possibilities, Bipediment Recordings is proud to present (finally) a CD collaboration between Black Beat of ARRRGHHH (Zachory Short Jr) and CHANG (Jim Ivy), collectively known as Black Beast of CHANG.

kronos-cover-smallTitled KRONOS, the CD is loosely based upon the ancient Greek myth of the Titan King and his downfall. In actuality, the recording is a live in studio improvisation and contains no overdubs or edits. The four “acts” were created as they are heard and in that order. I split the pieces into smaller “bite-sized” bits for digestion. It just happened to fit the story incredibly well. Besides, who could resist basing a work upon a story that contains castration, war, humiliation, and the eating of one’s children.

You can download the CD here, but I suggest purchasing the CD as the artwork in the packaging is well worth the cash, not to mention it’s a very limited edition and will not be around long.

We hope to schedule a series of shows soon. Stay tuned.

And for old time sake, you can listen to the first live collaboration/improvisation as Black Beast of CHANG from November of 2010 here. Not for the faint of heart.