Update, End of October

As October closes there are a number of items just starting up.

Last week saw the release of Sangha Uvtha Saikee, a trio recording, double CD from Kris Gruda, Mario Schambon and myself. This release on Bipediment Recordings can be purchased for as small an amount as $4 for download or $8, shipping included, for physical CD.

Soon to be released on ILSE is The Fortune by John Ajac and myself. You can read about the release and the ILSE label here.

Danny Feedback’s Crack Rock Opera will begin its three weeks of Saturdays on November 5th at the Parliament House. For advance ticket orders call the Bread and Circuses box office on 1-800-691-5131.

One of my pieces is included on a compilation CD  from the great ILSE label. The track, Upon Returning, can be heard here. The compilation entitled Little Bunny Was So Happy: Experimental Music From Florida is chock full of excellent improvised and experimental music tracks.

On October 24th I performed a solo saxophone/electronics/laptop live soundtrack to a short film by the Quay Brothers titled Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies (1987) at Urban ReThink. It was a very satisfying performance and began sparking ideas for my next project. Stay tuned.

And above all, I wanted to point out and thank the photographers whose works are used on this website: Kris Gruda and Anna Funk. Kris Gruda is a musical cohort of mine and an amazing guitarist and improvisor. Anna Funk is an outstanding photographer and creative mind. She has a seriously keen eye and catches the deepest of moments. Thank you both very much.


Back To Work

Now that “The Fortune” is in the can and awaiting release on ILSE Music, it’s back to work on the shelved Bipediment Recordings releases that were placed on hold during post production of “The Fortune”.

First up is a double CD release of raw power from a trio of myself, Kris Gruda, and Mario Schambon. The trio recorded the day after my first curated event in 2010 at Stardust Coffee and Video called WMD 1, which took place on August 7.

WMD-1 was arranged so that each improvising performer was able to collaborate with the  performer before them, play a solo piece, then perform with the next improviser, and so on. This made for interesting duos, as well as allowing everyone solo performances.

Mario, whom I have known since the late 1990’s when we played together in Numb Right Thumb, was down here in Florida visiting from Atlanta. The show was initially set up so he and I could perform together. Kris Gruda, who has also been friends with Mario for some time, was added, and it grew from there.

The session that took place the next night was set up by Kris at his rehearsal space. It was truly an epic evening of improvisation.

I decided to title the CD “Sangha Uvtha Saikee”, phonetical spelling of sangha of the psyche, or loosely translated, brotherhood in consciousness.

“Sangha Uvtha Saikee” will be available through the Bipediment online ordering service or directly from me on October 15, 2011. It is a double CD release costing a mere $7.00.