Solo and collaborative improvisation

Tangled Bell Ensemble (present)

Bear Dream (2015-2016)

Obliterati/Unbliterati (present)

Gatto Pazzo (2012-2014)

Crater Tater (2009-2013)

Danny Feedback’s Crack Rock Opera (2010-2012)

Son of CHANG (2012)

Memory Thieves (2011)

Cotton Candy Cookies and Cream (2009-2010)

CHANG (2010)

Pooball (2007-2009)

Tel Aviv Bats (2005-2008)

The Delusionaires (1999-2006)

Numb Right Thumb (1997-2000)

Obliterati (1997-2000)

St. Moist (1990-1992)

Bad Afro Experience (1987-1990)

more info to come…


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