2014 Off and Running

A slew of upcoming shows to begin the year:

January 10 and 11: Midnight Exterminations: A tribute to William S. Burroughs. Here’s the full event disclosure:

1461572_10202380018879145_740552842_nA tribute reading of William S. Burroughs accompanied by segments of avante garde musical arrangements. This productions orations will be performed by: Megan Faubel, Patrick Greene and Christian Kelty. All musical composition is written by Dana Fasano , Jim Ivy, Kris Gruda and Todd Elliott. Please come and enjoy this event with us and celebrate what would have been Mr.Burroughs 100th birthday upcoming on Feburary 5. 2014…. 12a.m. Janurary 10th and 11th… $ 5 cover @ The Venue.

January 31: The Delusionaires with D.J. Dots at Nobby’s St. Augustine. Our favorite vinyl spinner joins us for an over-the-top party.

Fun_house_reissueAn as of yet unannounced special performance of the entire Funhouse recording by The Stooges in February. More details to come.

And more shows in March including the final performance of the game piece, Milton Bradley and another surprise appearance by The Delusionaires.

Also slated is a Gatto Pazzo release and my TrIP Project contribution, Discarded Angel, full release. More detail to come.


Black Beast of ARRRGHHH meets CHANG… again

Two years after our only live duo performance and numerous conversations about the possibilities, Bipediment Recordings is proud to present (finally) a CD collaboration between Black Beat of ARRRGHHH (Zachory Short Jr) and CHANG (Jim Ivy), collectively known as Black Beast of CHANG.

kronos-cover-smallTitled KRONOS, the CD is loosely based upon the ancient Greek myth of the Titan King and his downfall. In actuality, the recording is a live in studio improvisation and contains no overdubs or edits. The four “acts” were created as they are heard and in that order. I split the pieces into smaller “bite-sized” bits for digestion. It just happened to fit the story incredibly well. Besides, who could resist basing a work upon a story that contains castration, war, humiliation, and the eating of one’s children.

You can download the CD here, but I suggest purchasing the CD as the artwork in the packaging is well worth the cash, not to mention it’s a very limited edition and will not be around long.

We hope to schedule a series of shows soon. Stay tuned.

And for old time sake, you can listen to the first live collaboration/improvisation as Black Beast of CHANG from November of 2010 here. Not for the faint of heart.

New CDs From Gatto Pazzo…

We are hard at work to bring you the first two releases by Gatto Pazzo. Both releases are home-made, limited edition productions. There will be a total of 15 of each release made and that will be it. They will be available at the B.L.U.R.T show on Wednesday, October 10th at Sip.

The first CD is “Doberman Dalmatian”. It comes in a custom Dalmatian fur jewel case. The music is one long improvisation that has been split for listener convenience.

The other release that will be available at Sip is the EP length “Japanese Lunches/Lamb Package Toe Prick”. This will come in a custom translucent sleeve containing original artwork by the band, one framable piece per song title. There will be a total of 15 prints along with the CDEP.

Very excited about these creations!

Another new development that I am excited about is the addition of The Dex Romweber Duo to the Tav Falco/Panther Burns show with The Delusionaires as opening act in Atlanta on October 19th. This will be an amazing show, one that you will be very sad if you miss it!!!

Great shows coming up. Hope to see everyone there.

Summer Comes To A Close

The onslaught of sweltering humidity and routine afternoon thunderstorms marks the last full month of summer, although in Florida, September brings little relief. No new releases yet, but at least two are in the works.

The Delusionaires will soon have a new vinyl release of all new recordings. Artie Mondello has been putting in much overtime to make sure it moves forward as quickly as possible.

I have been sifting through hours and hours of Gatto Pazzo recordings to compile a sampling of what we do. I find editing to be the most difficult part of preparing a new release. Should be out in a few months. Could be a multi-disc release.

Two upcoming shows of note:

On Friday, August 17th, the one-time-only performance of Vrrrooom! by Son of CHANG will occur at Uncle Lou’s in Orlando. An all-star cast of Danny Feedback, Evan Shafran, and Todd Elliott will join me as we cue card the terrain of my imagination. 10pm start time. Son of CHANG will be only a portion of the evening’s event know as B.L.U.R.T. Other performances include Hal and Mark McGee, C.A.N.S., The Jim Parsons Project, and more. Also, as part of the B.L.U.R.T. show, I will be performing in an improvised trio with Dana Fasano and Dan Reeves, founder of B.L.U.R.T.

Urban ReThink will be the location of the second performance of my game piece, Milton Bradley, as improvisors from all over Florida will gather in Orlando for an afternoon of musical mayhem. Joining me for Milton Bradley will be Kris Gruda, Jamison Williams, and Jason Dean Arnold. The afternoon event will start at 3pm. To read more about the Milton Bradley game piece please follow this link. Also scheduled on this event will be SugaWack, Fresh Ground Umlaut, and more.

A couple of new/unavailable tracks have been added to the soundcloud page. Have a listen.

Back To Work

Now that “The Fortune” is in the can and awaiting release on ILSE Music, it’s back to work on the shelved Bipediment Recordings releases that were placed on hold during post production of “The Fortune”.

First up is a double CD release of raw power from a trio of myself, Kris Gruda, and Mario Schambon. The trio recorded the day after my first curated event in 2010 at Stardust Coffee and Video called WMD 1, which took place on August 7.

WMD-1 was arranged so that each improvising performer was able to collaborate with the  performer before them, play a solo piece, then perform with the next improviser, and so on. This made for interesting duos, as well as allowing everyone solo performances.

Mario, whom I have known since the late 1990’s when we played together in Numb Right Thumb, was down here in Florida visiting from Atlanta. The show was initially set up so he and I could perform together. Kris Gruda, who has also been friends with Mario for some time, was added, and it grew from there.

The session that took place the next night was set up by Kris at his rehearsal space. It was truly an epic evening of improvisation.

I decided to title the CD “Sangha Uvtha Saikee”, phonetical spelling of sangha of the psyche, or loosely translated, brotherhood in consciousness.

“Sangha Uvtha Saikee” will be available through the Bipediment online ordering service or directly from me on October 15, 2011. It is a double CD release costing a mere $7.00.

Awaiting “The Fortune”

Down to final mixes for the upcoming ILSE release entitled “The Fortune”, a collaboration with author John Ajac. Packaging artwork is completed and should be off to the printer soon.

I had been kicking around ideas for working with spoken text for about a year. Initially, I was creating a large-scale improvisational composition based on and using text by the Japanese author Akiko Yosano and her epic collection of tanka called “Midaregami” (Tangled Hair). At around the same time I was formulating a concept for a multi-media performance using various short stories and thrift store purchased color slide photos that would, more or less, coincide with the story premise. Also, around the same time, a good friend of mine, Patrick Greene, became the booking manager for a performance space in Orlando named Urban ReThink. Although Urban ReThink presents a wide variety of arts, its main focus is on literary events. Yet another event occurred at about the same time, I was reacquainted with an old friend of mine, John Ajac, who is an author of high quality, yet was relatively unknown. Too many coincidences for it not to be destined.

As both the large-scale composition and the multi-media performance were in the conceptual stage, I decided a new direction was preferred and discussed the idea of both projects with John to use his works.

And then the final piece fell into place: ILSE Music. Travis Johnson, an outstanding improvisor and the owner of the ILSE label, asked if I would like to release something on his label. By the way, check out the releases. It’s quite an honor to be on the ILSE label.

“The Fortune” is based upon the short story written by John Ajac. From the beginning I decided I wanted John to read the text. His delivery is perfect. The arrangement and musical accompaniment is unlike anything I’ve done previously.

“The Fortune” will be available soon. Know this for a fact: I will make sure you all know when it is released.