Auld Lang Syne 2012

As 2012 gives way to 2013, there are a few notes worth mentioning.

folderAlthough the Mayan prophecy proved uneventful and we are all still here, The Delusionaires plan to at least kill a good amount of your brain cells. Friday, January 18th marks to release of their long anticipated (?) long-playing vinyl record Flooze Party. To celebrate the event, there will be a much more anticipated hoedown at Will’s Pub that night. Also on the bill will be Gravitron and Golden Pelicans. There will be much rejoicing, as well as a lot of falling down.

Danny Feedback’s Crack Rock Opera has been selected to participate in the 2013 International Fringe Festival in May. That’ll be seven shows in ten days! More detail forthcoming.

Sanjiro-smallAnd, finally, the Son of CHANG release, Sanjiro, will be available the first day of 2013. There are some audio excerpts on the Audio page. Son of CHANG is a project using sets of musical quotes and themes that are arranged live by holding up cue cards. An all-star cast of Danny Feedback, Evan Shafran, and Todd Elliott join me on this roller coaster of a ride.

I hope your 2012 was joyous and successful and your 2013 will be the best year yet.


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