Summer Checklist

Now that a hectic May is over, I get a chance to catch up on some neglected recordings and projects.

The first project I want to get back in action is a trio known as Gatto Pazzo, with Kris Gruda and Evan Shafran. Very excited about this project. We’ve already got several CD’s worth of material recorded, all of it worthy of release, however, not all of it will be. With the summer break, I’d like to get this trio back in performance mode and get some of the recordings mixed.

Crater Tater has a few shows coming up throughout the month of June: the 8th at Copper Rocket, the 23rd at Peacock Room, and I think one on the 30th, but I’m not sure of the location for that one.

Live recordings of Kami No Kura and Milton Bradley are also in the works. And never count out an unexpected solo effort showing up.


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